The history of Covenant of Grace began in 1993 when members of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Wheaton, Illinois living in the Fox Valley began meeting as a Sunday Evening Bible study with the goal of establishing a Presbyterian congregation in the Reformed tradition.

In the fall of 1996, the group adopted the name Covenant of Grace and began meeting for Sunday morning worship in North Aurora. At that time the new congregation became a daughter church under the oversight of Bethel.

The new church then began the search for a full-time pastor, which resulted in a call being extended to the Rev. Jim Megchelsen. In the fall of 1997, Pastor Megchelsen and his family moved to the Fox Valley from San Diego, California.

God has since richly blessed Covenant of Grace and enabled our minstry to grow and expand. By the fall of 2001, Covenant of Grace had matured to the point of being able to exist autonomously and without further oversight from Bethel. Men from within our own congregation were elected to serve as elders and deacons and Covenant of Grace was organized as a particular church in the Orthodox Presbyterian denomination. God has continued to add to our numbers and in the fall of 2004 Covenant of Grace moved to the Batavia Park District building in Batavia in order to have a larger facility for worship.

In 2011, Covenant of Grace purchased 6.5 acres of land near the NW corner of Bliss and Denny Rds. in Sugar Grove, to build a permanent home in the future. In June 2013, Covenant of Grace began meeting for worship at the John Shields Elementary School in Sugar Grove.

We are very thankful for all that God has done in establishing Covenant of Grace as a congregation and look forward to what He has planned for our future.